Caso Cerrado 2009 - Divorce Children!

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Caso Cerrado 2009 - Divorce Children!
I did this vidio for a college project to show how divorce can have such a big affect of children.
Children, as well as parents, feel the stress and confusion of separation and divorce. Many kids feel angry, sad and frustrated about the prospect of their parents splitting up for good and are uncertain about what life will be like after divorce. Your ability to communicate successfully with your child , meet their needs, for safety and support take care of yourself, and maintain a civil relationship with your ex will have a positive effect on your child. Given the right support, your child will be able express their feelings, grieve their loss, and emerge from this unsettling time a stronger more resilient person.

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Caso Cerrado Telemundo y Ana Maria Polo

Bienvenidos a Nuestro Blog. La Dra Polo, una invaluable mujer con un profundo respeto a los derechos humanos nos mostrará su Mejor Selección de Casos en toda su historia televisiva. Todos los videos mostrados en este sitio contienen material exclusivo de NBC Universal (Telemundo).

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