Caso Cerrado 2009 - Dra.Polo y Telemundo

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Caso Cerrado you will witness more humane cases and will live through the most intense of emotions. Prepare to be touched deeply and to feel exhilarated with cases that Dr. Polo will resolve utilizing just and legal methods. With her dynamic style and charisma, which distinguish her, she will not only solve legal battles as they present themselves everyday in a normal courtroom, but will also seek to educate and give a positive message to her participants and audience. Do not miss this program where more than ever you will be able to identify with every case and be surprised with legal solutions that are not only based on truth but decided with compassion.Ana Maria Polo is a lawyer in the city of Miami since 1989, and will put into practice her experience in cases of divorce, adoptions, custody and domestic violence.

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Caso Cerrado Telemundo y Ana Maria Polo

Bienvenidos a Nuestro Blog. La Dra Polo, una invaluable mujer con un profundo respeto a los derechos humanos nos mostrará su Mejor Selección de Casos en toda su historia televisiva. Todos los videos mostrados en este sitio contienen material exclusivo de NBC Universal (Telemundo).

Welcome to Caso Cerrado. The best case of all ages, couples room with Dra. Polo. Divorces, Divorce Children, Custody, divorce lawyers, divorce attorney, texas divorce, florida divorce, divorce mediator.